Reply To: Trump 2016 vs 2020


Biggs, do you know how statistics work?

I’m sure you’ve heard this analogy before but…

Statistics are like bikinis…

I’ll let you finish it

In the end, you think blacks are choosing to not vote. You are ignoring so much fucking content but I don’t really care to convince you anymore.

You STILL haven’t address the article or the points. It’s still one cherry-picked stat. That for some reason being within 10% of voting turnout means voter supression doesn’t exist.

Its snowing in the north poll, so I guess we won’t have a summer.

But there is snow…

But here is all the reasons wh…

But there is snow. In the north poll. Are you trying to say that snow doesn’t exist? That winter doesn’t exist?

No… I’m explaining how the earth’s rota…

But it’s snowing in the north are mind fugged! Nobody is going to convince me that isn’t summer when it is snowing in the north poll.


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