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Trump took the mask off for the pictures in the auto plant. This time he actually made a statement that wearing masks is a good idea or something to that effect. The point isn’t whether Trump wears masks. The point is whether he is using his power as “Chief Citizen” to set an example for others. For example, Obama had to quit smoking, because he’s the Chief Citizen. So hopefully now we will be able to see Trump wearing a mask and people can stop all this nonsense about not wanting to wear masks.

Federal Agents Release Coronavirus Masks Seized From Black Lives Matter Protesters

WASHINGTON ― Federal agents on Friday morning released boxes of cloth masks that Black Lives Matter organizers mailed to cities across the county to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 during nationwide demonstrations against police brutality.

Four boxes of the masks were shipped to Washington, St. Louis, New York City and Minneapolis on Wednesday afternoon, and were supposed to arrive in each city by Thursday. But until Friday morning, the boxes of 500 masks apiece that read “stop killing Black people” and “defund police” never left Oakland, California, because they were seized by the government. Federal agents with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service were involved with the seizure.

Since you are apparently a BLM advocate? Cheerleader?
I have a serious question since we both agree the Floyd murder is inexcusable and demands police reform I ask the following question …
Don’t all the blacks murdering other blacks matter? How about the minority businesses looted and burned down? Don’t their lives matter?
Is it only those blacks killed by law enforcement whose lives matter?

I am confused.

I only posted that because somebody commented that protestors didn’t wear masks, but here BLM is shipping them out to their members.