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The U.S. Postal Inspection Service published a statement on their website that “these packages were originally set aside for further investigation because there were indications that they contained non-mailable matter.”

Examples of “non-mailable matter” are: explosives, ammunition, alcoholic beverages, air bags and gasoline, according to the post office’s website.

“Postal Inspectors proactively seek to identify [and remove] non-mailable material in the mail to protect the safety of postal employees, the U.S. Mail, and our communities,” according to a statement to ABC News from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s Office of Public Affairs.

The postal service did not explain what made these package subject to inspections. “Specific investigative methods used by Inspectors are sensitive and must remain confidential, but they are effective in helping to locate non-mailable matter of all kinds,” the postal service said.

However, once they were cleared by inspectors and deemed “mailable, they were immediately placed back in the mail stream to be delivered at their intended destinations without further delay,” the agency said.

The apparel company confirmed on Saturday that the first package was delivered to Minneapolis.

June 6,2020

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