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Exactly how are they planning to deal with the certainty that players and coaches will contract COVID, some will be hospitalized, and their families will get it too. Are they going to test players every day and quarantine them as soon as they’re sick? The locker room is basically a guaranteed transmission space. And what does the NFL say when an elderly/at-risk coach dies because they picked it up from their team? What does the NFL say then? Sorry, but we just HAD to play?

And what about when key players get this thing and it throws the competitive balance outta whack? And it’s gonna be dependent on where the team plays — if Florida and Texas are spiking, those teams are at a disadvantage. I guess you could say “oh well” to the competitive issues.

I’d say there’s almost no chance of playing games with spectators… The sidelines will require distancing… blah blah blah… but even all the extreme measures can’t deal with preventing transmission. The nature of the sport is like the worst case scenario for contracting the illness. Dudes breathing all over each other, drooling, spitting…

Right now, the best case scenario for a vaccine sounds like early next year, so there’s nothing to prevent the sickness…

Here’s how you COULD do it: quarantine ALL players and coaches for two weeks prior to training camp and test them before they’re allowed to enter facilities. If they test positive, they’re done until the disease is clear. All players, coaches, and staff then remain quarantined away from everyone for the duration of the season. So, does anybody think the players and coaches would go for this? No, didn’t think so. Anything short of this extreme protocol is likely to end up transmitting the disease.