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@buccaneerNW wrote:

Given the spiking case counts right now, we’re looking at some scary numbers of deaths being reported as these cases evolve over the next 3-5 weeks, right about the time training camps are getting going. If we’re seeing 2-3000 deaths per day or more at that point, will that scare the NFL out of moving forward? Certainly they can’t expect fans to attend games with that happening.

Wow. It’s like you didn’t even read the recent CDC’s national cases to death rate that I just posted.

With several months under COVID-19, we’ve identified patterns in death rate. We’ve also identified several people are asymptomatic.

Testing positive for COVID-19 doesn’t mean you’re dead. It all depends on your age as well as other underlying conditions that already is compromising your health. Also, just because some people belong to the lower level mortality rate doesn’t mean you can ignore all the safety guidelines to help protect all.

Stop fear mongering people because you’re just spreading projections based off of no facts! The post I shared covered dates from Feb 1, 2020 to Jun 27, 2020. We already know how to reduce the mortality rate by protecting the elderly and those with compromised health as well as not to put COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes (NY, I’m looking at you!).

I truly don’t understand people who can’t read nor understand facts.

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