Reply To: “Extremely small” chance that there will be no NFL season in 2020


Please tell me this is a joke. This would be impossible to navigate and would violate all kinds of laws if you knowingly expose people to a deadly virus with no cure or vaccine. Plus there are players who are immunocompromised. Patrick Peterson has diabetes. James Connor and Trent Williams are cancer survivors. Maurice Hurst is playing with a heart condition. Plus there are likely many others. Way too much risk in exposing thousands of players to this and expecting 100% recovery. Anything less than that all but cripples the league.

As I stated earlier, the best plan would be quarantine all PLAYERS together NOW!! (with Covid + teammates).
They are already away from families for Training Camp.

Players get mildly sick, build up antibodies, and don’t have to worry about it the rest of the season!

Coaching staff not allowed to interact with players until mid-August (ZOOM meetings/sessions until then).

Ask the NBA how their plan of doing “the bubble” so no one gets Covid is going? 🙂
(hint: it’s already a miserable failure)

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