Reply To: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man


Very eloquent I admit, however nobody has yet to explain to me exactly what my white privilege is. My family was poor as dirt back in the day so not sure exactly how their whiteness helped them out. It wasn’t until my Dad rose in the enlisted ranks of the Army that we were able to have anything that resembled nice things, let alone privilege.

A couple of other observations.

1. Not saying that there is no racism, but I believe that as long as black people continue talking in terms of “you white people” and seeing every slight or indignation through the prism of racism, it is going to be hard to resolve the problem. No, before anyone leaps in, I am not saying everything is the fault of black people, but I am suggesting that not everything bad, or even not nice, that happens to a black person is driven by white supremacy.

2. What is it going to take to resolve this problem? I am not asking for flowery speeches on equality and hardship, but concrete steps that would, in the eyes of black Americans make them think that progress is being made. For example, you go into the corporate world and there is a plethora of rules, regulations, training modules with the sole purpose of leveling the playing field for minorities.

For the record my immediate family is very diverse. We have black, white, Indian (sub continent), Thai, mixed race, immigrants, Europeans and US born. This is not me saying I know or fully understand, but I do get exposed to a range of opinion and when my ignorance is exposed, they are not shy in saying so.

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