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Hey thanks @spartan for a well thought out reply. Really appreciate the civility.

I don’t have an answer to your questions as I’m not an expert but I think your attitude is exactly what is needed to bring people together.

The only thing I’ll say to add to your story. I am white and also grew up relatively poor… I say relatively because the dotcom bubble caused my dad to lose his job and his 401k as the company he worked for went bankrupt, and his share holdings were lost etc…

So I grew up lower middle class until about 10 or 12… then we were essentially poor.

So I get it… the BLM shouldn’t undermine other’s struggles at all. It isn’t a competition. Their struggles are just different.

Another example… I’ve had terrible experiences with cops. Does it compare to feeling threatened? No… but all the same, that’s why I also feel like police reform is so necessary. It isn’t JUST about how they treat minorities.

I’ve said this before that when a cop pulls up behind me I feel more nervous than safe. That’s as a white man. So BLM doesn’t undermine that feeling… but it fails in comparison to feeling threatened vs nervous.

Anyway, that is an anecdotal story that I think personifies how I feel.

Same as the analogy he offers in the video… COVID vs other diseases… it doesn’t make them inconsequential.

Again, thanks Spartan for the response!