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All this stuff is dangerous

Imagine trying to overcome CV with a vaccine but 30% of the country will not take a vaccine. That’s just a slower – but arguably more deadly – impact of a conspiracy theory then, say, having a guy show up at a pizza parlor with a gun.

We have a toxic mixture in this country of mental illness, terrible inability to separate actual factual reporting from opinions, hyper-political polarized citizens and … EASY access to GUNS, including very deadly guns.

When War of the Worlds was broadcast on radio people all kinds of crazy things … but it was just radio and not as many guns or nuts. One of the next enemy or terrier attacks will be a multiple platform call to arms that sets off some looms before the truth can be reported. Just look at the recent protests. Immediately, the word went out that Antifa was on the move and that led to armed people turning up everywhere, a family on a camping trip brings stalked and even a WS TRYING TO START A “war” by creating a fake Antifa tweet

We are in trouble as a country

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