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Have a Great Independence Day with Our Lord and Savior, the Perfect Honest Abe, Zero Scandals, President of the United States JesusDonald J.balls Trump Extraordinaire!

Godtrump Bless America


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Today is about ‘Merica, Patriots, and real men and women who served our country and fought for our independence from the Brits.

Not bunker bitches who dodge drafts and high fives their Russian daddy for putting bounties on our troops.

Today we celebrate Warrior Washington and his real men who weathered the elements at Valley Forge. Marching through the winter with no soldiers crying about bone spurs.

We celebrate God of War Greene, Hellraiser Hand, Henry “Hard” Knox, and Mad Dog Mifflin as they led their troops and curbstomped the treasonous pussy Benedict Donald.

We celebrate Omnipotent Obama who scaled a compound wall in the middle of the night in Pakistan and ripped out Bin Laden’s throat with his bare hand…leading to the iconic scene in Road House.

Fire up those grills and get those beers on ice.

Happy 4th!

Be safe and give thanks to those before us!

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