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Yup. Talk about harboring an agenda…Jesus.

Hydroxychloriquine is not a cure as Island Bucs said. Trump was taking it for what exactly? Why was he telling everyone he was taking it? To increase sales?

The only way to stop it is to remove vector accessibility. Without a host, it goes extinct. It is the only way to stop it. A complete mandatory shutdown of everything. Walmart included. 30 days of isolation, social contact reserved for absolutely necessary hospital visits and civil service needs. It is not ideal but it is the ONLY way without a cure. Which we do not have, hydroxychloriquine is not a cure nor an effective measure of treatment, get off it. If you want to read the quote, ask Island Bucs. I’m not giving you his direct answer because it isn’t worth it, and Island Bucs knows he is wrong.

We have not shut down with the measures I have mentioned, so there is no “been there done that” as you say. People were protesting a month into this, because they said it was a hoax. Bunch of dumbasses.

Hockey, I don’t think I ever said shut down all sports, that was X. I agreed with him that the only way to control the virus was a total shutdown, but as I said before, many in the US failed to respect the lockdown and it failed in most states. I also said there is no going back now unless things really plummet (although some states are starting to close down again, at least partially). In other words, people blew it, and if the NFL season gets cancelled, thank those people.

Hockey, let’s be honest. You are picking and choosing stats to obfuscate your emotions in not wanting sports cancelled, and as an attempt to give credibility to your statements. Your factual presentation can gives false comfort because it is based upon selective facts interpreted by you. I know this because you ignore my facts, and just bring up the 11 year-old dying, basically saying its no big deal because the death percentage is still low. Not very admirable.

You focus on survival rate of athletes but totally dismiss the harm the virus can do to their bodies, the risk of the virus spreading to others, and the fact that the player and probably many others would need to be in quarantine. There is more to this scenario than your single percentage stat.

I find it amusing that you dismiss my statements as not guided by facts (they are, you just ignore those facts). You essentially say that there is no point in having a conversation unless I accept your axiom that:

Again, infections doth not equate death. Higher infections doth not equate higher death.

I am not a math expert but I think .055 * 20,000 is substantially less than .046 * 52,000. That means a much higher rate of infections even at a lower death rate means more deaths. Do you want to dispute simple math also?

It is crystal clear that you are willing to sacrifice the lives of some people to have the NFL season. Why don’t you be upfront, and just say that, instead of hiding behind selective “facts.”

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