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Wait a month before concluding that Florida is handling it better. Thankfully so far, not a lot of vulnerable people have gotten the disease in Florida, but part of that is luck. For example, Sarasota has a death rate of 6.9%, and Charlotte 10.6%.

With the horrible escalations that Florida is having after the first cases were reported around March 11, I am really disappointed with how Florida is doing, especially after they saw what happened in New York. As I said before, quite a few had an attitude that Florida was better than New York, and something like that would never happen in Florida. However, at this point, New York has some control over things, while Florida has seemingly lost control. I don’t see how you can put a positive spin on that. What’s the solution now, try to close things down again? It did not work very well the first time.

I have tried the last 3 months to have Floridians take this thing seriously. My parents even laughed at me, calling me paranoid. Unfortunately, we are seeing the consequences of that type of attitude.

I think most in Florida are taking it seriously. What I find interesting is the focus is on number of cases and not on hospitalizations and deaths. Did anyone really expect the virus to go away and no longer be contagious?

The fact that more cases has not led to increased %’s of hospitalizations and Death points to possibly people that are getting the virus are getting a weaker strain?

Hey Great news! That 6.9% rate for Sarasota came in at 4.75% today. Most encouraging I would say.