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X, Trump may have been taking Hydroxychloroqine as a pre- exposure prophylactic to prevent infection. Treatments in the HIV world are used this way as PrEP. I haven’t seen anything to suggest this works for Covid-19, but doctors have tried all sorts of things as long as it honors the Hippocratic Oath. His doctor may have also prescribed it as early treatment in case of infection.

Please remember that a non-physician can’t prescribe.

If you think his doctor is willing to lose his license and risk malpractice, then you’d assume that Trump was taking it to promote the safety profile.

Speaking of the safety profile, many (if not all) of the legitimate studies that claimed Hydroxychloroqine as a significant health risk have been retracted since the data used for analysis was flawed. For example, The Lancet and NEJM both posted lead author retractions after Surgisphere refused to cooperate with independent reviewers and would not provide raw data.

It is now widely believed that Surgisphere intentionally engaged in deceit and digital manipulations have been found in past studies along with other ethics breaches.

It deeply saddens me when Science/medicine is compromised for politics… no matter who does it.

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