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They will play this year. Maybe I’m wrong but I dont see them forfeiting millions because some older and unhealthy folks could get sick. I do think some people think they are better than others for simply saying they won’t play this year. Some people just aren’t considering the economics of all this. I get it you want to be considered morally superior but just because you say this doesn’t make it so. Alot of people saying a lot and really not proving much about what they preach about.

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Moral Superiority is a good phrase for it. Gyms are closed but I’ve seen lines of cars 15-20 deep at McDonalds and Taco Bell. A healthy person catching covid at a gym is still safer than fat people eating fast food.

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I get it. I also don’t want anyone to get sick or die. I also don’t want to see people lose business and that can have similar consequences believe it or not. Cant have it both ways and that is the problem and reason we are talking about it. I understand that. I guess just wish people would be more understanding of both sides. Could say that about a lot of things right now..

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