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You’re talking about taking the risk of people dying and equating it with the economy. Again how stupid are you? You want to be an idiot and play chicken with your life and the lives of your family, do it. But don’t suggest the world should be “willing” to take the same risk so you can sit your ass on the couch and watch football on Sundays. If people are dying it won’t matter if businesses are open or not.

Ignorance like this is what made this pandemic larger than it should’ve been. You can’t put your own personal desires ahead of conventional wisdom or any type of logic. You’re more concerned with economics than health because as you put it only “older and unhealthy people” are at risk to get sick. How stupid are you?

They will play this year. Maybe I’m wrong but I dont see them forfeiting millions because some older and unhealthy folks could get sick. I do think some people think they are better than others for simply saying they won’t play this year. Some people just aren’t considering the economics of all this. I get it you want to be considered morally superior but just because you say this doesn’t make it so. Alot of people saying a lot and really not proving much about what they preach about.

No ignorance is not considering the other side as well. We all have to recognize the repercussions of staying closed and at the same time opening up. My personal opinion is people have to recognize the risk that is there to open up and take responsibility for that. At the same time for people going out should be careful or consider their health and others health as well. Because yes there is risk. Thats just the reality with what is going on. Closing everything is not a good strategy either. You are hurting people in this way as well. People are losing everything because of it. We need to be smart about this and can’t be black and white about it.

I didn’t say people should be willing to do anything. The opposite is true as well. We can’t expect people to sit at home all day until this is over. That is equally stupid. And no just calling people names like you like to do in your arguments doesnt make you look smart at all. In fact it makes you look like a jerk that nobody wants to take seriously. Just remember that when debating with people as thats all you ever seem to do.