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Hockey Duckie

Total COVID-19 Deaths, as per CDC Jun 27, 2020: 112,226

    Ages 0-14: 29 (0.02%)
    Ages 15-24: 142 (0.12%)
    Ages 25-34: 770 (0.68%)
    Ages 35-44: 1,972 (1.75%)
    Ages 45-54: 5,488 (4.89%)
    Ages 55-64: 13,465 (11.9%)
    Ages 65-74: 23,333 (20.7%)
    Ages 75-84: 29,780 (26.5%)
    Ages 85+: 37,247 (33.1%)

Football players would fit into two ages of 15-24 and 25-34. The death rates for the sum of that group of ages is under 1% (specifically 0.80%). Athletes usually are at the healthiest of their sub-groups and if they’re part of some organized sport (college or pro), then they will also have a more direct access to appropriate health care.

Double digit death rates start appearing at age 55 and the death rate continues to rise the older the subset of ages.

Death rate for ages 15-34 = 0.80%
Death rate for ages 55+ = 92.2%


Survival rate for ages 15-34 = 99.2%
Survival rate for ages 55+ = 7.8%

But Eric July found a medical research that compiled 23 valid COVID-19 fatality rates, backed by Yale. I’ll share his youtube and he leaves his two sources medrxiv and the cdc.

Doing the preseason is important to get players get back into football or partial football shape along with being on the same page. Most injuries occur when players are doing something that isn’t expected.

We’re already cutting off 2 pre-season games. Those games are usually reserved for the reserves, low round drafted rookies, and UDFAs to evaluate who will make the cut, who will make the practice squad, or who will be outright cut.

The Bucs needs to see their big investments in both Brady and Gronk in action. The Bucs need to see what they have in their backup QB, considering he was injured last season. The Bucs need to see what they have at RT Wirfs.

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