Reply To: Winston's market value, too high, too low?


Here’s where it is most entertaining. Brady is likely going to be 44 when he takes his first snap as a Buccaneer. We knew this was a strong possibility when we cut ties with Winston and signed TB. Oh yeah, and now the city potentially loses all of that Super Bowl money. The decisions made and the long term effect they will have on the franchise are swimming in our franchise’s stench. Grandpa Bay indeed.

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I’d rather have 44 and 45 year old Tom Brady for $50M than Winston at age 27 and 28 at any number. At no point in Winston’s career will he be better than Brady at any point in his career.

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How about almost any starting QB in the league would have been better than bringing in Tom Brady at 43. Tampa finds new and inventive ways to shit their pants. This one is going to be all time i’m afraid. Not a hater, a realist.

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