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Here’s where it is most entertaining. Brady is likely going to be 44 when he takes his first snap as a Buccaneer. We knew this was a strong possibility when we cut ties with Winston and signed TB. Oh yeah, and now the city potentially loses all of that Super Bowl money. The decisions made and the long term effect they will have on the franchise are swimming in our franchise’s stench. Grandpa Bay indeed.

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I’d rather have 44 and 45 year old Tom Brady for $50M than Winston at age 27 and 28 at any number. At no point in Winston’s career will he be better than Brady at any point in his career.

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How about almost any starting QB in the league would have been better than bringing in Tom Brady at 43. Tampa finds new and inventive ways to shit their pants. This one is going to be all time i’m afraid. Not a hater, a realist.

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What QB’s were better options than Brady this off-season? Rivers? Dalton? Newton? Mariota? Flacco? Foles?

Pass. I’d rather have Brady than all of them.

I wouldn’t consider you a realist, but a pessimist.

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You must not be atuned to how many QBs have ever had success at 43. It’s none of them, ever. Just an FYI

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I know that Tom Brady went to two Super Bowls after age 40, winning one. You’re acting like the national Buccaneer hating media from back in the day. Remember when the Bucs couldn’t win in cold temps? You’d always hear, “Bucs have never won when the kick off temp was 46 degrees.” Then they’d win, and the number changes. It would keep moving down and down and down. You’re doing the same thing. Just because it never happened, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

I think this is a perfect scenario. Bring in a great QB, who’s still a top 10 player, at a reasonable price, to take spearhead the most talented offense in the NFL. Add him to a team that has an improving defense with a lot of upside, and you have a team that can compete. Will they win a Super Bowl? Maybe. Maybe not. But I do know that the possibilities exists and is legitimate. Even Vegas agrees, as the Bucs are a top 5 team in odds to win the Super Bowl this year. They have the Bucs at 9.5 wins, with only 5 teams higher than them.

On top of all of that, there’s no salary cap hell this contract presents. It’s 2 years and money the Bucs had/have. After this season, the Bucs can move on from other higher paid players. Barrett and Godwin can still get new deals. Suh can be replaced after the season. So can Jensen. Basically, a relocation of money without too much extra expense, if any.

Again, what to you would have been a better route? I mean, I think everyone here is in agreement that every QB I listed previously, including Winston, has a lower ceiling than Brady. What direction would you have gone in, where you think that the upside would higher and cheaper, as well as long term possibilities?

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