Reply To: Hey admins, you ever gonna ban chron?


Should I dig up your swear words, little guy? Who the fuck cares about cursing?

I don’t care about cursing or any other words, so knock yourself out. I’m not sure how many times this needs to be said.

And to be clear, “cunt” isn’t simply a swear word. It’s a derogatory term, usually for a woman, Mr. Mayor.

Where do you draw the line? Is calling someone like you a cunt the same as calling someone a f*g or a n****er?

Enlighten me oh wise one.

I’m not a member of the PC Police, so I’m not the ones drawing lines. You’re the one bitching to Mommy about someone using a derogatory term, while you yourself do the same thing repeatedly. You’re a hypocrite, and that’s my point.

The simple truth is you’re ok with him calling people f*gs… just say it and own it like the POS you are… nothing to do with PC culture or hilariously indignation.

Unless it is YOU get worked up about be called a cunt…?

The simple truth is what I’ve said over and over again. I’m an adult and words don’t trigger me like they do you. Free speech is free speech, whether you or I agree with it or not. You can string together whatever letters you want to call me. I’m not a whiny little bitch, so it won’t bother me in the slightest.

At this point, your hypocrisy has been effectively laid out. Continue your bitchfest for the greater good, soy boy.

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