Reply To: Hey admins, you ever gonna ban chron?


But you are triggered by it… clearly.

I lived in China and knew a ton of Aussies who say you’re being a cunt when you’re being cheeky… which is where I picked it up.

The first time I called you it was just that, you’re being a cheeky cunt. Then you got so damn triggered by it that I called you “the mayor of cuntville” because all you do is follow posters along like a puppy dog.

So of course it’s ironic that you’re standing up for a BLANTENT homophobic racist in Chron.

He doesn’t even try to deny it…

So if you wanna try to draw comparisons between cunt and f*g go for it… cunt is like calling someone a pussy or a dick. It isn’t the same as the homophobic slur f*g or f***ot or worse something like n***er… or Chron always asking to lynch Obama.

But hey, you’re in that majority of people that perpetuate racism so no shock.

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