Reply To: Winston's market value, too high, too low?

Hockey Duckie

@deflateSaintSteve wrote:

How many times do we need to cover this? Winston is a better option in Arian’s offense.

In fact, Winston was the best option in an Arians’ offense to create and be the President of the first ever 30/30 club! And Winston also added an extra threshold to that club, you must also have thrown a minimum of 7 pick-6’s!

Alas, we must all come to console ourselves that Winston could not create yet another club under Arians’ offense as the Bucs decided to become a more efficient offense than being the best deficient offense in the league.

Throw a lighter up as we can never reproduce or produce worse than the 33/30 with 7 pick-6’s ever again. ::: sniffle, sniffle :::

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