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The next game I reviewed was New England at Houston. This was the third tough team in a row that New England played, and 2 of the last 3 on the road. The Patriots as a team did not play that well as a team.

As for Brady, he had some pressure, and receivers were not getting open consistently, resulting in around 7 throw aways. He had his first interception during this 7 game review. I also noticed around 3 drops by his receivers, and at least twice, there seemed to be a miscommunication with his receivers. I sense Brady not having full confidence in his receivers.

Houston led 21-3 within the last minute of the 3rd quarter, and 28-9 within the final 10 minutes of the game. Brady threw two TDs to bring the game to 28-22. The Patriots then almost got the onside kick. Their player tried to grab the ball or at least bat it down to himself, but it was a little too high, and he lost it out of bounds.

Game 3 of 7: I still see no decline.