Reply To: DeSean Jackson posts anti-Semitic quote on social media


I’m white. I don’t have a problem with black people… I have a problem with white liberals pretending that they care about black people. White liberals have oppressed black people for decades in major cities. Democrats, like Bill Clinton – who created the Crime Bill – put tons of black people in prison for stupid crap. You know, the bill that Trump removed with his First Step act. To note, Biden supported the Crime Bill, as well as other amendments to bills that put more people in prison for longer terms. These bills hurt the black population more than the white population.

Also, most issues that black people have, are in the inner city. Major cities. Cities that Democrats have had not only the majority presence, but the monopoly on policies. These cities have the highest rates of low income people, which affect minorities more than whites. In these cities, Democrats are in charge of appointing judges and DA’s as well as the police chiefs and commissioners. Everyone knows that ALL politicians hire based on friendships, so they’re putting Democrats in these positions. Democrats encourage single motherhood and government assistance. The inner city schools generally have the worst education systems. Every policy that Democrats put in place, is designed to prevent black people from moving up in society. They pretend to care. They pretend help them. Yet, they ignore them until it comes to election time.

Democrat politicians are encouraging illegal immigrants by having “Sanctuary Cities”. These same politicians are giving these illegal immigrants financial assistance, free education, free college tuition, drivers licenses, and basically exempting them from prosecution on any crime. This hurts the black population the most. It takes away jobs and funding that could be used to improve the inner cities.

For the most part, I’m talking about the piece of crap politicians. People like you who are everyday citizens are just blind to what’s really going on. You’re not a garbage human being, like the politicians, just ignorant.

It’s not a coincidence that cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, NYC, etc, all have terrible crime rates, terrible unemployment, terrible education systems, and all run by Democrats.

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