Reply To: Covid cases just beginning


New York 402,928 cases death ratio 164 per 100,000

Florida 213,786 cases death ratio 18 per 100,000

NY nursing home deaths 11,000-12,000
Florida nursing home deaths 1,612

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Desantis graduated from my high school. It’s good to see him putting that Dunedin High school education to work. Dude couldn’t be more of a puppet simpleton.

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Did you attend school with him?

Compared Cuomo “DR death” I prefer him. You?

Desantis “puppet”? You confusing him with Special needs senile Joe?

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I didn’t. We went to the same school, just a few years apart. Dunedin was a great place to be raised and is one of the coolest small coastal towns in the country but, Desantis, despite his Yale education, isn’t very bright. In fact, he’s borderline retarded. Don’t take it personally.

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