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Hockey Duckie

Total COVID-19 Deaths, as per CDC Jun 27, 2020: 112,226

    Ages 0-14: 29 (0.02%)
    Ages 15-24: 142 (0.12%)
    Ages 25-34: 770 (0.68%)
    Ages 35-44: 1,972 (1.75%)
    Ages 45-54: 5,488 (4.89%)
    Ages 55-64: 13,465 (11.9%)
    Ages 65-74: 23,333 (20.7%)
    Ages 75-84: 29,780 (26.5%)
    Ages 85+: 37,247 (33.1%)

Survival rate for ages 15-34 = 99.2%
Survival rate for ages 55+ = 7.8%

We know these patterns since February, which is five months worth of data. Also, I presented a comparison between May 9, 2020 and July 2, 2020. The infection rate went up 9.5% from May 9 – July 2 and Feb – May 9, but in that same comparison, the death rate dropped 2.49% to 3.45%.

The reason for the increase in infections is due to mass protests, rioting, vandalism, and violence as they were all shoulder to shoulder as well as travelling across state lines to participate. As long as you aren’t age 55 + and participated in the aforementioned, then your survival rate is very high.

I guess you need an analogy because you don’t comprehend what matters. Let’s use driving a motor vehicle. If you don’t drive on the streets, then you don’t die from from driving a vehicle. Each time you drive, then you increase your chances again. In today’s era, we now have seat belts, collision test ratings, air bags, and safety sensors. Still, there will be accidents, and some of them mortal accidents. If you add alcohol or drugs while driving, then that impairs a person and increases the likeliness mortality rates, including killing pedestrians. Also, driving in rain, snow, fog, or windy can increase the chances getting into an accident or worse, especially if don’t know how to drive in such conditions.

Because more and more people are driving as well as getting into accidents doesn’t mean there’s a vast increase in death rates. We have more fender benders that do not result in worse outcomes due to improvement in safeties in cars with seat belts, better collision build, and air bags. But because you see a rise in accidents, you want to shut down all driving. That means you’re destroying people’s livelihoods to produce income or acquire necessities to live such as food. And you’re doing this AFTER introducing seat belts, better collision build, and air bags.

You can sanitize often, social distance, and wear masks/face shields to help prevent getting an infection.

To conclude this, here’s a NY Times article titled ” ‘Life has to go on’: How Sweden has faced the virus without a lockdown

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