Reply To: White Supremacy Ain’t Real & Ain’t Trump?


Buggsy, I am not sure if I am giving you too much or too little credit for grammar lol

This is you now: “They are being charged with a Hate Crime.”

This was your first comment: “charged with the vaunted “Hate Crime”

“the” (singular, “a” generic)

“vaunted” (much talked about)

Also, as to you actually reading the article, this is how you characterized the event:

“Painting over something somebody painted on public street”

This is in the article:

“Martinez Mayor Rob Schroder said in a statement Tuesday that permission was granted to the group Martizians for Black Lives to paint the mural on July 2.”

So its no different than vandalizing one of the many approved murals in Tampa, not somebody painting over some random thing painted on the street.

Also, as to it being a hate crime, you left all of this out in your quote supporting “the vaunted Hate Crime” now “a hate crime”:

“The July 4 incident was captured on video . . .which had previously been shared on social media . . .”a man can be heard saying, “the narrative of police brutality, the narrative of oppression, the narrative of racism, it’s a lie” . . .. the man is wearing what appears to be a “Make America Great Again” hat and a shirt with the words Trump and “Four More Years.”


I posted the CA code above. Like every hate crime its an enhancement (an extra penalty)and in this case to a state MISDEMEANOR, its not what you “Libertarian” guys have been complaining about, which is “the vaunted” FEDERAL hate crime expanding government

(Incidentally, the reason hate crimes exists is, in part, for the public impact, which is relevant here because the “The July 4 incident was captured on video . ..which had previously been shared on social media.” IN other words, the MAGA painters did it for the PUBLIC impact so of course they are going to be charged with a hate crime. It’s two different entities MAKING A STATEMENT)

What do you think about the hat?

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