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Are you talking about Sweden with a 7.4% death rate, and with 5,000 new cases the past week, or are you talking about another Sweden? Maybe you meant Norway with 68 cases the past week and a 2.8% death rate. That’s the country that had the strict lockdown that people respected. You know what? Everyday life has pretty much returned to normal in Norway, and the new cases are minuscule. Sweden is still suffering from new infections. Sound familiar?

Somehow you are pretty sure that the death rate percentage will stay low, even if the number of people that are dying will probably increase. What makes you so confident? The virus has confounded many scientists. Plus, it is not just the death rate, but the potential damage the virus causes to bodies, even healthy ones. You did not comment on the new study finding people with mild covid symptoms suffering brain damage. Those are not just fender benders.

I don’t need a poor analogy to see where you are coming from. A virus is much different than traffic accidents. Bumping into a car does give the victim greater susceptibility to get into another accident with different people. If it did, driving would be a lot different than it is today.

You say I want to destroy people’s ability to get food to live? Where did that false hyperbole come from? Why do you keep mistaking me for someone else? I said locking things down again won’t work because many people could not do it in the first place. Only if things totally fall apart will a new lockdown be implemented.

In any event, it’s obvious what you think matters most.

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