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It’s an over reaction from the left, then a sensationalized over reaction from the right.

No wonder this country is so divided!

I have posted a couple times, in a couple different contexts, that in a democracy the group in power ignore the group out of power at its own peril because once the roles are reversed the backlash will go TOO FAR

There are city approved BLM murals because the death of black men at the hands of police has been ignored so long that a televised murder of a black man and incendiary commentary by a President leads to HISTORIC riots.

Trump continues so a couple of his MAGA deface then BLM mural, so of course the city charges them with a hate crime

This volleyball chaos is the direct result of the lack of leadership in the country. Trump doesn’t represent the country, he represents a tiny, alt-right segment of his party. That’s terrible.