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MOre on the cold weather:

If the season was pushed back six weeks, what games would be pushed into cold weather? Well, the last three weeks of the season are played on December 20, 27 and Jan 2. Those are already cold. Pushing back six weeks would not make them colder.

Some cold weather cities such as Baltimore, Pitt, NY, NE and KC get cold but don’t actually get witches tit cold. The average January low temp in Kansas City is 22, average high is 39. Play during the day. Most of those other cities I mentioned are similar to that. BUffalo has an average Jan low of 18 degrees and high of 31. There will be more snow games, so get out the shovels.

The only cities with outdoor stadiums that could actually turn your banana into a hammer in the winter are Green Bay, Denver, and Chicago. A handful of games will get into some serious cold weather that otherwise wouldn’t. The Jaguars would have to travel to Green Bay on 12/27 instead of 11/15. That’s not fun for them. They’ll be begging to move to England. But that’s a handful of games.

As for the Bucs, The Nov 2 Bucs-Giants game would be pushed to Dec 14, when the average low temperature is 32 degrees, may get into the high 20s- not fun, but hardly the ice bowl. That would be the coldest game for the Bucs all season even with a pushed back schedule. THe Bucs-Philly NFL Championship game was 32 degrees. They managed. And on the other hand the Panthers game in RJ is scheduled for mid September when the temperature can get into the high 80s. That game would be moved into early November. So the Bucs would not have to worry about a negative impact regarding the weather.

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