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Lots of people keep on touting all the racist statements that Trump continues to comes out with. Can anyone provide me with a list? You know, actual quotes?

Cmon man. This is the last line of defense “he didn’t call anyone a nigger.”

There’s a reason people use the expression racist dog whistle. There’s a reason white supremacists use an ambiguous okay sign

Racism from Trump is talking about “heritage” and “good people on both sides”. It’s NOT saying things. It’s suggesting Mexicans are rapists and gang members. It’s banning Muslims

Central Park 5……

On and on and on

Na, I’m actually asking for something that he is quoted as saying that is racist. I’m not interested in dog whistles, interpretations blah blah blah, if he says racist things so frequently as some people say, then it should be easy right?

This smacks of people talking about my white privilege. When I ask for an example they go on some meandering diatribe about if I have to ask blah blah blah, and then can’t provide a single example of my white privilege.

The guy might be a complete and utter dick, and if that is the reason why you dislike him, I’m good with it, but if you are going to lob racist grenades, then back them up please.

It’s a pretty common shtick from the left – if you say it enough times, it will become reality for the simpleminded.