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Here’s the Trump/DeSantis playbook:

1) Pull the bandaid loose and let that coronavirus spread its wings! (The idea is for the graph to skyrocket up now and ignore that it’s happening, then when election time rolls around you hope that the graphs are going down and you can take credit.)
3) Blame the Democrats for overreacting and taking away our freedom for making you wear masks.
4) Wear masks anyway because its your personal choice to make other people sick or not.
5) Blame Obama, the Squad, Protestors, California, and possibly Canadians and Mexicans.
6) Take credit for successfully dealing with the problem when the graph starts going down, claiming you were kicking butt and taking names on the coronavirus all the time.

OK But seriously, I think DeSantis has basically said screw it open things up, we’re going to ride this out. Let the people get sick and get this over with and hopefully the worst will be over before the election.