Reply To: Covid cases just beginning


As for percent positivity, states who do a good job test 10% positivity, states who do an excellent job test 3 to 5% positivity. Florida is testing 20% positivity, second highest state behind only Arizona. That’s percent of positive tests, not total, so nothing to do with number of tests given.

92 Coronavirus deaths reported today in Florida. Only 7 deaths in Tampa Bay compared to Thursday’s report of 40 from the day before. Ages of those who died in Tampa Bay 66,78,82,83,90,68,82. So yeah the young people don’t have to worry. They will just be killing their parents and grandparents, but not themselves. the percent of the US population over 65 is only about 16%, so the percentage of the population that will actually die will be small and most of them will have already lived a full life. So why worry? (To those sarcasm-challenged, this is sarcasm.)

I expect those board posters who are saying or implying that real sickness and death is actually minimal to come on here and apologize for jumping the gun with their opinions.

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