Reply To: Churches Received Billions in Bailout Money


To be fair, there were many not-for-profits that received the PPP money, not just churches. With that said, the amounts (billions) that were given to these non-profits are absurd.

The government was/is telling people not to leave their home, I don’t have a huge issue with it. My main beef is the “small business” label being 500 employees or less. 500 employees shouldn’t be considered “small business”, as that’s a pretty good sized company. The friggin’ LA Lakers qualified for that crap. It should be reserved more for like 50 employees or less.

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Completely agree and aware that there were other NFP’s that received it.

But, regarding the churches, it is simply another case of erosion of the wall between church and state.

And, yes, the amount they all received is complete and utter horse shit. Especially, when they were pandering for money from their congregations throughout the pandemic. Including some who were asking for their members stimulus check…all while they were getting 6 and 7-figure bailouts.

Also strongly agree with your stance on the qualifications for “small businesses”. Absurd is an understatement.

A guy who plays golf with us regularly owns a few businesses. Really nice upscale tattoo shop, bar, and a cool little eatery/bistro. Between the 3 places, I’d be shocked if he had more than one 40 employees. Has paid hundreds of thousands in taxes, licenses, etc. over the last few years. Took him MONTHS to get any kind of PPP or relief, and when he did, it was a laughably small amount. Had to permanently close one of them.

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