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I didn’t chime in once. I wanted Sea for two weeks n was told the NFC East was a cake walk so I didn’t want to hear complaints when it got close at times.
I will NEVER apologize for winning or think any playoff game is a win. Now the press will attack us for not winning convincing enough. Yet if Washington had a mobile QB who could throw like he did tonight? They’d been a 10-11 win team easily.
Godwin drops, n Vaughn fumble kept this game closer than it should have been but I have faith in both guys.
Ali Marpet n Jonathan Allen went HARD.. Ali protected his guys at all cost! Love that dude!!!
Oline did good actually except when Cappa got hurt. D Smith did a good job. Hope they all get credit for the game they had as a unit.

And the cake drop INT from Whitehead that also kept them in the game…

As far as 4nette he tan well but c’mom y’all he’s not the same guy who played with JAX… he runs soft and goes down with the first tackler… had it been RojO he prolly would of went over 100 yards and a few scores… maybe not the same amount of catches 4nette had but close…

Vaughn hasn’t really played all year and doesn’t have the confidence and the intensity of what a playoff game is about..he’ll get it together and I hope next year it’s him and rojo with the 1-2 punch..