Natural Selection

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I definitely agree our starting mlb is better than his backup. White has physical attributes that are elite and a good football motor. I don’t know I’ve seen a defender burst over short areas like he can. I hope both sides can move on from where he was picked, though that’s likely wishful thinking. I didn’t like pick at the time, and see obvious continuing limitations to his game. I also think calling him a bust/bad pick is completely unjustifiable already. If he had been taken where we selected David, I think everyone would consider him a steal similar to David. I think you could argue a better pick could have been made, but we sure af could have drafted worse there. Plus if you’re the kind of fan who’s dwelling on what we could have done a little better after winning our first playoff game in my high school children’s lifetime, you might be an asshole.

I think Minter is quality depth at the position and look forward to White taking back those snaps next week.