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I definitely agree our starting mlb is better than his backup. White has physical attributes that are elite and a good football motor. I don’t know I’ve seen a defender burst over short areas like he can. I hope both sides can move on from where he was picked, though that’s likely wishful thinking. I didn’t like pick at the time, and see obvious continuing limitations to his game. I also think calling him a bust/bad pick is completely unjustifiable already. If he had been taken where we selected David, I think everyone would consider him a steal similar to David. I think you could argue a better pick could have been made, but we sure af could have drafted worse there. Plus if you’re the kind of fan who’s dwelling on what we could have done a little better after winning our first playoff game in my high school children’s lifetime, you might be an asshole.

I think Minter is quality depth at the position and look forward to White taking back those snaps next week.

Agreed. White is a physical freak that would have made more plays sideline to sideline than Minter did. However, Minter was more sound in his coverage responsibilities than White would have been. And Minter is the reason SMB had a pick.

White is more scrutinized because of where he was selected, no doubt. It’s not his fault where he was picked, but the reality is that scrutinization isn’t going anywhere until he becomes better in the area where he spends most of his time – in coverage.