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Someone should let PR know about these posts.

Could be a liability if this lunatic does anything like this:

Great post.

Oooh, they’re ire is up due to being limited in their app distribution. I guys they also don’t know that much about App Use and Support.

I have a number of apps not supported by Apple’s App Store, or Google Play. It’s not rocket science. You create a page to distribute your app and you provide the link as to whether you wish Apple or Android. Then, all you do is add an override in Trusted Certificates, and you have an app, bridging both stores.

I run a lot of apps out of Hong Kong mostly, that all bypass the store d/l. The only tedious part, but only for a few apps, is that some just need to be re-installed when you upgrade the OS.

I’ve never stopped using Pirate Bay. It’s still there. It is just blocked for search on various search engines. The site has never gone down, and Pirating is alive and well, and actually expanded. You no longer have to lurk in IRC to find Warez. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.