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Only reason we probably wont take a rb early is due to vaughn 3rd round last year.

We could have used that 3rd round pick on C Hennessy or C Cushenberry. Both have played guard this year. We could have been training them as a backup center or guard. Then in 2021, we move on from Jensen and his $10 mil contract. That’s a start to saving money.

Instead, we use it on a rarely used RB when we needed more OLine depth so we can escape bad contracts in Jensen and Smith.

Yeah if we lose round 2, a large part will be due to cappa being out unfortunately.

Which is why it is so fucking frustrating that Licht took Vaughn when there were better o-line options.

Depth is huge.

Vaughn hasn’t done much of anything this year, and that fumble almost cost us the game.