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The idea that its more about personnel than it is about scheme that keeps QB Scrambles or designed runs under control is something that needs to die.

Minter vs White had nothing to do with successful QB Scrambles yesterday. If you feel it did, then the first thing you need to do is explain (a) how the below stats exist (these are the successful QB Scrambles and designed runs Weeks 1-16 when White was in) despite White being on the field and (b) explain the tape where White isn’t preventing the play:

WEEK 1 – Tayson Hill @ 1
WEEK 3 – Driskol @ 2
WEEK 4 – Herbert @ 2
WEEK 6 – Rodgers @ 1
WEEK 7 – Carr @ 2
WEEK 8 – Jones @ 2
WEEK 9 – Hill @ 4 (FOUR)
WEEK 10 – Bridgwater @ 2
WEEK 12 – Mahomes @ 3 (THREE)
WEEK 14 – Cousins @ 5 (FIVE)
WEEK 15 – Ryan @ 1
WEEK 16 – Blough @ 1

26 Successful QB Scrambles or designed QB runs weeks 1-16 (and 5 of those weeks were with Vea where the number plummets…if you want a personnel signal against QB Scrambles or designed runs…there is your answer…its Vea).

Many of those were huge in losses or in keeping teams attached to us or ahead in games we should have otherwise run away with.

Its simple, if you’re playing Quarters or 2 or 3 Zone, you’ve got keys to read and a particular assignments to fulfill. You don’t get to freelance and do whatever the hell you want. So, for instance, when the mightily fleet-of-foot Kirk Cousins converts 5 plays on the ground with his feet…that doesn’t suddenly mean OMG WHITE IS A TERRIBLE ILB BECAUSE HE DIDN’T STOP KIRK COUSINS FROM CONVERTING 5 HUGE PLAYS ON THE GROUND. No, you go to the tape and you review. And you realize:

1) White was in Man against Cook and taken away from the vertical escape because of the Flat route.
2) Although the escape was left to White’s side, he was playing Seam/Hook in 3 Zone and defending a Curl.
3) Although the escape was vertical and White was playing Hole in 3 Zone, there was an Over route on top of him that he had to defend.
4) Exact same as (1) above. Vertical escape and White is pulled to flat as he’s Man against Cook’s Swing route.
5) Match Quarters and White is the ILB on Trips side of 3×2 so he has to match #3’s vert…which forces him to vacate the area where the QB Draw is going to (it basically replaces him).

NONE of these successful QB Scrambles are on White. And HE COULD DO NOTHING TO PREVENT THEM.

Its scheme. Its not personnel.

Minter didn’t play poorly yesterday at all. He played pretty damn solidly. You don’t have to admonish the solid play of other Bucs players in order to venerate your beloved (and especially don’t do it disgustingly against high-class, fantastic football players like LVD…and it looks worse here because it just underscores a deep well of lack of understanding football to do this).

This “White vs the World” obsession is looking a lot like the Winston one and man the irony is thick.