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There no reason to respond to crazys like OT and Kron. Ignore them and they will go away. Neither one of them provide actual content for debate. Mostly stupid troll shit.

True. Personally, I just use it as an opportunity to practice parody and satire. My writing is either very dark, or within the horror genre, in narrative prose as well as film, so I don’t usually get to practice those skills; however, if you’ll notice in a number of darker works, the writers use some levity to lighten the mood and let their audience come up for air, so to speak. 😎

Even if you read Transpotting, or watch the film, there is an infusion of humour within each work. This is unlike Hubert Selby Jr, who wrote Requiem for a Dream. There was pretty much no light spots in that work, to the extent that, after it was adapted for the screen, Ellen Burstyn read the script and initially declined the role, as it really put her in a bad space. (I’m glad she changed her mind, as she won the Oscar for that role.)

I once, about five or six years ago, wrote a 75,000 word novel in the same vein. I wanted to be as accurate as possible, so I did a good deal of research during the three months I used to finish the first draft. Later, I adopted it into a screenplay. (Complete pain in the ass, that was.) At any rate, for the past seven or eight years, or so, I am still getting targeted as in Chrome and Safari for rehab services. So, should you ever want to know the correct price for a kilo of Black Tar Heroin, be cognisant that Google and Apple are both watching, as well as tallying how determined you are to find the proper answer. 😎 💉

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.