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The Boogaloos aren’t suicidal. They were thinking they could start a ground swell to have a civil war, but now the ground is swelling in the other direction. So yeah we’ll just um

The MAGAs are afraid to wear their hat because they will get funny looks, so the people’s uprising will have to wait for now.

The QAnon’s are totally confused, but they still think Trump is going to pull a sting operation. As usual its so secret that only QAnons know about it. So stay tuned!

Most true on all points. Plus, I love some of these names. Where do these purple come up with these things? If I read about a “Boogaloo” group in an advert, I would thing it was done kind of retro, 1950s, Swing / Jazz / Big Band kinda thing. What these people lack in imagination, they also lack in naming conventions. 😎 None of those groups really evoke any semblance of fear. I just see a group of overweight, virginal, incels plastered in sweat-stained, cheeto’s Dust encrusted shirts, and when they show in public, it just cements that image. John Belushi evoked more fear in his role in Animal House. I wonder if they buy their ammo out of their weekly allowance?

MAGA’s are probably going to shove all of their Trump Gear into an attic space, alongside boxes of Christmas lights that haven’t worked since the Korean War. 😃

Finally, the Q folk should be easiest to deal with. I just need the startup funds to buy a mass quantity of transistor radios, circa mid-1960s. Then we just need to create a shell corporation, start some rumour that it’s the latest in secure Q comms, and then let them buy the radios. The radios would then just need a little techy look to them, along with some shiny bits. Then we deny that they exist, as simultaneously, rumours are spread that they are Q licensed and Q certified. Drop some adverts into their “world” while mentioning the highly to secret nature of the devices. They would sell for a ton of $$, and we just mention that they should keep their ears open diligently, as Q will occasionally speak to them. You would have that entire segment of the population sitting in dark rooms, listening to static for the next twenty years. QAnon then becomes QGone, as they all disappear well past Trump’s time in this planet.

I’m pretty certain the Q peeps would buy into this. L. Ron Hubbard has been selling and writing more books since he died, as the whack jobs still perpetuate that he is somehow alive, and every morning downtown Clearwater looks like a Butler Convention is in town. We just need to go after the ones with the money in order to give it validity, and to pay for my $10M Chalet in Aspen. 😂

P.T. Barnum was sooooooo right.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.