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and setting forth due process rights for the President

OMG, what a fucking tool. Afaik, last I checked, when dealing with the office of the presidunce, impeachment IS Due Process. Orange Hitler well have a hearing before the Senate. Once he’s out of the WH, then his Due Process Rights will be handled by the courts and not the legislature.

I think I should go to his office in the TS SPC and take a dump on his office floor. My defence would be that I was exercising my First Amendment Right to Freedom of Expression. 😂

Fortunately, I don’t receive any of his mailings. About 2015 or so, I stopped into the office with a piece of his Bullshit Propaganda. I shredded the mailing, ensuring to leave my info and address untouched, and dropped it on his floor, all while ripping his office last a new asshole, and telling her to pass on the message to remove my fucking info from his motherfucking mailing list. I haven’t seen a single thing from his office since then.

That guy is one of the biggest fucking jokes in Congress. I’m surprised he hasn’t experienced back problems from having his head shoved so far up Trump’s Asshole. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.