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You realize the inflamatory language is a big part of the problem right now. How can you have an insurrection with no plans to actually do anything other than break in and walk around. I’m all for blaming Trump completely for the whole thing but rounding up everyone who took a selfie isn’t helping anyone.

I can’t get my head around the hypocrisy that justifies the summer protests and riots because they’re for a good cause or, because most of the protesters were good people and then turns around and wants to treat thousands of Trump supporters as if they are terrorists. I do understand that if you’re a democrat/liberal or whatever you call yourself, you hate these people. People who carry guns, fear the government, and don’t support equality campaigns are the worst of the worst. I get it because I feel the same way about militant leftists. But I still want the law to treat this sort of person equitably. I don’t want to see protesters with one world view treated more harshly than protesters who hold the sanctioned view.

Society is supposed to figure this out and government is supposed to stay completely out of it. That is why I stick with condemning violence. Go after the violent protesters in ALL situations. People who can peacefully protest should be left alone. In the case of the capital riots that means most of them.

Of course you go after the people who you have evidence of violent attacks. I still wonder why this didn’t happen over the summer. People on social media shunned and doxed people who revealed violent protesters or posted videos of violent attacks because some of the violent offenders may be punished. And it was a pervasive attitude that seeped in even to media coverage.

Nothing is going to change until people on both sides can agree that we must forcefully condemn all violence no matter how much we like one side.