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Look, I could care less if they impeach Trump. The only thing I care about right now is preserving a shred of civil liberty and finding a foothold politically, for fiscal conservative, individual liberty positions going forward. Right now it’s very bleak. It would help a lot if left wingers would appreciate their own hatred and bigotry.

People are mostly just people. When I view the video’s of the capitol riots, they are mostly comical. Most of the people didn’t do much more than shove. There was that one cop smashed against the wall…. that was terrible. there were quite a few bad ones but too many were just plain silly. They weren’t destroying stuff for the most part. I honestly do not think that they would have kidnapped or held congresspeople hostage because I don’t have the hatred that many of you do. Why weren’t they armed if they were trying to take over the government? I have no idea what would have happened if they’d have gotten to the House chamber and found Nancy and the entire congress in session but in complete honesty, I don’t think they would have done any of the nonsense some on the left are claiming when they talk about “Sedition” charges.

I saw one video where a group of protesters were going into the chamber and one of the nuts says something like, “maybe we should set up a government or something”. Comical.

In fairness, I might be less charitable with my view if BLM/Antifa busted into the halls of congress but that’s really my point anyway.

Everybody needs to take a step back.