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And the final 1st Down Snap before the end of the half.

1ST & 10 AT GB 39(00:30)
(:30) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass incomplete deep left to M.Valdes-Scantling (C.Davis) [J.Ledbetter].

They’re 2×2 and we’re 2 Deep, Off Coverage and we play a Combo Coverage. We let CD3 go Man against WR on left boundary and we play 3 Zone everywhere else (SMB again rolls to deep 1/3 on the side opposite CD3). We send both ILBs and we drop both Edge into Hook/Seam (and both JPP and Barrett do a great job running with the Slot Verts). Its 4 Verts and that plays right into this coverage scheme. Like most things in this game, Bowles just gets the better of LaFleur and our guys execute.

No one wins in Pass Rush and the iOL do a good job picking up White/LVD. However, 2nd effort forces Rodgers to pocket climb and he’s already rattled. Especially given how blanketted everything is on the backend. White bears down for the hit after high-motor effort post-climb. Rodgers heaves it to the CD3 and V-S 1v1. CD3 almost gets the Pick.