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You saying you don’t give a crap. That’s like somebody beat up my Dad and you say “I don’t care it wasn’t my Dad”. Yeah I take offense to you not giving a crap just because its not your people. That’s what happened in Nazi Germany. Too many people said well at least its not me, but eventually they will get around to you. You can count on it, JBear. And Trump is not done, not unless the Republicans shut him down. And if they don’t there will be hell to pay. He’s not done.

I give you points for turning that one around on me. This really is a great example of why the left and right will never see eye to eye on anything. It’s a fundamental difference in how we see the world. The leftist sees the crushing of individual beliefs and views as insignificant so long as the end result appears to be in the common good. That is why you can take my warning about authoritarians crushing free speech and opinions and turn it around to; if the Germans had only exterminated the early Nazi party they could have saved millions.

It’s the entire belief system. That you can fix everything if you just use enough force and make people see the world the same way as all the good people. And it’s a really difficult argument for those who defend free speech because it ties free speech with the worst possible human beings on the planet. That is why being against violence is so important to this position.

Take every large scale atrocity that has taken place in the last century and you will quickly see that it’s always authoritarian governments that have made these atrocities possible. When a people decide to give authority to a government that allows it to single out large swaths of the populace as enemies of the state, you’re well on your way to this sort of hell.

Last of all, I didn’t mean that I don’t care in the way that you seemed to take it. I meant that I voted for Trump but am not defending him. I’m not saying I agree with your take on what needs to be done as you can see from my above post. I am making some assumptions about your position so If I’m wrong I do apologize but it does seem that you do have a fairly aggressive view of what we need to do with the Trumpers. Not all Trumpers but based on what I saw…. a large portion of them.