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Had there been a sufficient number of officers at the Capitol, there writing been fewer people arrested, as a number of them, particularly the ones going in through the back, would have been shot. That incident could’ve made Benghazi look like a few old women with picket signs. This simply wasn’ta case of vandalising a local police precinct, or av library. What they did was commit Treason, much like the Oklahoma Bombing that left so many unnecessary deaths. If you try to break into your local mayor’s office, you’ll get jail time. Treason is punishable by death, and this assault on a federal institution IS as detrimental to national security as the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City.

This action goes beyond party, and it goes beyond a few people wrongfully upset about an election. There simply is no comparison. I expect better if you. You’re capable of debate without dropping to false comparisons. You are not OT. This has nothing to do with one party bbs another. If it were, then we truly should be praying for Civil War, because this action was wrong regardless of who participated. I would be just as critical of BLM, had they ever breached the Capitol while the legislature was in session. That is insurrection, period. It was insurrection of it was the alt-right. It was insurrection if it was BLM, and it was insurrection if it was a gaggle of Girl Scouts. (Although, had it been Girl Scouts, I probably would’ve bought a case of cookies prior to them storming the holding.

I appreciate the thoughtful response but I take issue with this:

You are equating participants in a mob to the OKC bomber? It’s just not equivielnt. And many who were sympathetic to the causes supported by the protests over the summer would have likely been arguing the reverse when talking about the few bad apples that broke things or assaulted LEO’s. There have been many studies about what happens in a mob one of the most known is that good people will often do things they would never do otherwise.

And the government is supposed to represent all the people, even these dingbats. Sure in an authoritarian state or in the world we lived in just a half century ago, I’m sure 95% of people would agree with you. But if you take all the Trump hatred out and put some different labels on the parties involved and you might find more sympathy than you think. People want to be heard. These people were doing that and got caught up in the moment thanks in part to the orange windbag.

You know what I would have liked to have seen? I’d have liked to have seen some courage from some of these lawmakers. And I mean from both parties. Ok, if I was Nancy I’d run too but I sincerely believe that these were mostly normal people who did not have weapons and who probably wouldn’t have done much more than yell and maybe shove. I honestly believe I would have sat my ass in that chamber and dared them. I’d have talked to them. I’d have let them yell at me.

You probably think I’m a liar but I honestly believe this and I think it would have been a huge service to the country if someone would have had the balls to do it.