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1ST & 10 AT GB 41(10:20)
(10:20) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass incomplete short left.

They’re 2×2 and we’re in Off 2 Man Under.

Rodger’s is really just completely rattled at this point. Phantom pressure everywhere. His throwing platform basically just doesn’t exist. Yes, he and Mahomes are the greatest “off-platform” throwers of the football in history. But he’s not even trying at this point. This game just looks like one of those games from the last 3-4 years where he pulled a “Cutler” and just checked out mentally.

Nacho gets a decent push through A and JPP has a good 2nd effort against the LT, but he just bails on the throw early and the Out to the Left Slot sails out of bounds.

I can’t recall. Did he get hurt this game? He’s just not even trying to escape the pocket at this point and make any plays.