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All told, this was basically the story of our win against GB:

1) Bowles was just masterful. Bowles was dialing up Pressure that was perfectly timed for what they were trying to do in both the Run Game and Passing Game. And it wasn’t just the timing and execution of the blitz but it was married to games with the Front. We had tons of free-runners at Rodgers.

2) Fantastic individual effort by guys. Davis and Dean just blanketed guys. Outside of that one play where he blew the Flat coverage on the Wheel (but it was still a Play Loss for GB because of great communication and a great play by CD3), LVD was great in coverage and made tons of negative plays (2 Pressures and Sacks on the Blitz and 6 Stops total), JPP was dominant in Pass Rush, White had 3 great Pressures and our iDL collectively was very good in Pass Rush. AWJ also made a few big plays.

3) We hit Rodgers so much so early that he just looked like he checked out. Looked like he didn’t want to be there and he was absolutely starting to feel phantom pressure that wasn’t there. Never comfortable from the middle of the 2nd on.

4) We dominated 1st down (as above). Couple that domination of 1st down on defense with our offense just being pedal to the floor and SCORING OVER_AND OVER_AND OVER. It just put a ridiculous amount of pressure on Rodgers/LaFleur/OL to get points in chunks and go away from their strengths on 2nd and 3rd down. LaFleur was dialing up a ton of vertical concepts and Bowles was calling inverted 2 and 3 Deep w/ fantastic, aggressive underneath coverage play routinely (and it was a healthy mix of both Man and Zone underneath). And Pressure and Zone rotations off of that and Rodgers’ was just suffering from brain-lock. Looked like he never knew what coverage he was facing and looked like he felt like 6 guys were coming every play (the Pressure wasn’t NEARLY as bad as Rodgers 2nd half play made it look).

5) As mentioned directly above, when the offense is scoring like we were (chunks and 6 over and over), the urgency to get chunks and score quick the other way starts to put you in a bad play-calling spot. LaFleur panicked, the OL didn’t hold up, Rodgers’ checked out.