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Fournette has been solid but I think RoJo deserves more touches than Fournette. He’s so much more explosive. Since the Minnesota game Fournette is averaging 3.9 ypc and Jones is averaging 5.1 ypc. There’s no debate who should be carrying the ball more.

If we want to use Fournette as the third down back then by all means but RoJo should be getting 90% of the carries. Our offense is different with Jones in the game.

I think having both in the game at the same time would be interesting.

I totally agree here… saw a stat where it showed Fournette playing about 49 snaps out 72 where Rojo player 29… again i know we’re winning but we were winning with Rojo getting the bulk also.. I think the snaps for Rojo need to be higher that’s all